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Urban Agriculture Jobs

Irrigation Salesperson Wanted

Ag-Tronix is a water management specialist company that is seeking a salesperson to join our team. Our rapid expansion has created an opening on our sales team to build on our success, win new accounts and expand our business with existing customers. This position requires some previous Ag background, mechanical knowledge and ability to interact with a variety of personalities in the Florida farm economy.  Working knowledge of irrigation is required and turf is a plus.  Your daily tasks will need to be well organized and still maintain the flexibility to respond to challenges as they come up.
The ideal candidate should have: Excellent communication skills; Strong negotiating, persuading, problem solving and follow-through skills; The ability to work in a team-based environment; The ability to create and maintain strong customer relationships; Detail oriented; Understanding of irrigation systems

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If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we will pass on your information. Thanks!

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