The Ohio Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (OHCEAC)’s annual conference speaker line-up

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The Ohio Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (OHCEAC)’s annual conference will host four internationally and nationally renowned speakers of key areas of plant lighting, root-zone substrate sciences, plant sensing technologies, and crop production physiology to advance the sustainability of controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

Keynote Speakers Photos
  • James Altland (USDA-ARS): “New Concepts for Managing Soilless Substrates for Sustainability & Crop Growth”
  • Bruce Bugbee (Utah State University): “Turning Photons into Food”
  • Murat Kacira (University of Arizona): “Advancement of Plant Sensing Technology for Sustainable Crop Production Under Controlled Environment”
  • Ricardo Hernández (NC State University): “Indoor Precision Propagation of Horticultural and Industrial Crops”

To learn more about our keynote speakers, please check out their bios on our conference page. 

The conference will also feature eight invited research presentations by academic and industry based controlled environment research groups.  

Fadi Al-Daoud (OMAFRA)
Luis Cañas (Ohio State University)
Brendan Higgins (Auburn University)
Michelle Jones (Ohio State University)

Peter Ling (Ohio State University)
Yujin Park (Arizona State University)
Uttara Samarakoon (Ohio State University)
Kellie Walters (University of Tennessee)


Join us on July 19th for OHCEAC’s second annual conference Advancement of Sustainable Controlled Environment Crop Production Sciences and Technologies“.

The OHCEAC conference will be accessible in-person at the Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Complex (CEARC) in Columbus, OH or online via Zoom.

Please visit the OHCEAC conference main page to register!



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